Saturday, February 15, 2014

Craft show season is kicking off in a big way!  In less than a week, I pack the car and head to Baltimore for the American Craft Council show.  This show is one of the largest, most well-attended shows in the country, and I’ve been preparing for it for months!  I’m also excited to be a part of ACC’s new Charm program.  A hand-picked group of jewelers will be offering charms and charm jewelry at the show, a percentage of the sales of which will be donated back to ACC to support them in their mission of championing craft.  The online charm catalog can be seen here

The show will be at the Baltimore Convention Center and runs from February 21st through the 23rd.  Come see me in Booth 3207!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Work

Just a few new images to share as I get back into the swing of this blogging thing.  I've been quite busy - several studio moves, a few exhibitions, and a great year on the craft show circuit.  My work has grown and changed a lot in the last year.  I'm experimenting with cages and more thread, and expanding on my two-part brooch format. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well, it's almost here! My exhibition at the West Main Artists Co-op opens in two days. Yikes! I'm still working on my artist statement and price list. Here's a peek at the promo cards:

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Book!

It's official! I'm published in a book! In December of 2009, I submitted a last-minute application to Lark Books, hoping to have some images of my work included in their upcoming book, 500 Silver Jewelry Designs: The Powerful Allure of a Precious Metal. In October of 2010, I got a letter (a real letter, not an email!), stating that both images were accepted! I swear I thought it was a mistake until I actually had the contributor's copy, which arrived last week, in my hands. I'm thrilled to be included in this beautiful book, juried by Talya Baharal, and in awe of the many talented, innovative, and inspirational artists whose work is also featured. One of my contributions is here:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Project

I got a grant! The Arts Partnership of Spartanburg (TAP) awarded me a small amount of money to partially cover the expenses of producing a collection of jewelry inspired by local history and architecture. The project will culminate in an exhibition at the Co-op in August of this year.

So far, production is going rather slowly. I do have a few pieces completed, however, and am having a good time exploring new techniques (investment soldering) and new materials (reclaimed wood) and developing a broader artistic vocabulary.

I had some pro shots taken by Eli Warren of Greenville, SC. I'm very happy with how they turned out!

And 7 Months Later.......

Well, I guess I forgot about the blog!! Duh. Anyway, a lot has happened. New posts will soon follow. Standby...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Walk

I just got home from a fun night at Art Walk, a montly event in Spartanburg at which all the local galleries open their doors, serve refreshments, and show off newly arrived artwork and exhibitions. The Co-op (that's the West Main Artists Co-op, at which I have a studio, and of which I am an original member, ha ha!!) had a terrific turnout. The 2nd Tier members (that sounds bad, but it really just means that they are exhibiting, non-studio members) had their inaugural exhibition, and USC UpState's first WMAC scholarship recipient, Chris Turner, presented his solo exhibition. It was great to see the galleries full of terrific art and art admirers!

My Red Brooch is on display at the Carolina Gallery in downtown Spartanburg as part of the Artists Guild of Spartanburg's 37th Annual Juried Exhibition. I was so happy to see it on the wall of the gallery and very proud that it is part of such a well-curated, innovative, and contemporary collection of art.

The photograph of the brooch here is from Eli Warren Photography. Anyone in the area who is looking for a great art/product photographer should check Eli's work out.